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Monday, March 31, 2014

Open letter Of Ukrainian League Against Anti-Semitism to Jewish of the world

Recently, much attention is paid to the growth of anti-Semitism in the world, especially in Europe. Ukrainian history is intertwined with the history of anti-Semitism for hundreds of years .
A month ago , after three months of riots and violence , to power the second time came anti-semitism Nazi- regime with financial and political support from Europe, the USA and Canada. Nine years ago, in this way came to power the same treatment Yushchenko and Tymoshenko. Then they called this "operation" Orange Revolution , now - Evromaydan . While it was now a power coup. Voltage three months in the international press , including Israel wrote about what it's all protests for joining Europe , but the European Union is not going to Ukraine to take to him. The EU is only interested in opening borders to expand the market duty-free sales of its products.
In fact, the opposition leaders would come to power illegally , for a democratic way - no way.
Anti-semitism Nazi forces in western Ukraine would " remove " the president VF Yanukovych , because when it was deprived of the title of Hero of Ukraine to Stepan Bandera and Roman Shukhevych and wanted to make Ukrainian the only state language in Ukraine.
Also in recent days much has been written that under Yanukovych was no democracy, no freedom of speech . Three times a week at Tres different channels broadcast talk show in which members opposition and the government to discuss their plans Mogdy live . Yanukovych has allocated land at Babi Yar to 70 - anniversary of the construction of the memorial museum, returned scrolls torus of public records that Yushchenko promised to return, but deceived, has signed an agreement with Israel on pensions, allowed the Israeli security services take the train Kharkov-Kyiv. Terrorists from Gaza Abusisi engineer the missile-Ukrainian press and for that he was condemning. 

Much is said about anti-Semitism  online, extremism and denial of the Holocaust , this happens in Greece, Hungary, Ukraine and the Baltic countries . January 16, 2014 , the Ukrainian Parliament adopted a law on liability for inciting ethnic hatred , and the justification for the denial of the crimes of fascism ,responsibility  EXTREMISM for fans in the stadiums , the glorification of the Nazi organizations such as OUN UPA , Waffen SS , responsible for the mass murder of Jews , and for defiling destruction of monuments liberators .
The opposition, EU, USA and Canada demanded repeal these laws
December 31, 2013 is 105 years , Simon Wiesenthal , and the 1st January 2014 in Lviv passed with candles in honor of Stepan Bandera . Similar processions  held in Lviv twice a year already stretch eight years.
Glory to Ukraine , HEROES GLORY , GLORY TO THE NATION , death to enemies , COME BANDERA - hover ORDER - under such slogans were above processions . 

9 years ago , came to power mode Yushchenko - Timoshenko (2005 - 2010) monthly observed  large number of anti-Semitic  attacks in all regions of Ukraine , attacks on Jewish schools , synagogues, cemeteries . burning of Jewish schools , attacks on rabbis and ordinary Jews . Uman during celebration of holiday  Groves ha Shona killed a Jew . В Умане каждый год антисемитские группы устраивают провокации, распространяют антисемитские листовки, в том числе активно подстрекают население против евреев представители нацистской партии Свобода. Ранее они распространяли листовки с призывом не пускать евреев у Умань - они приносят разные болезни. На прошлый Рош-Ашана в газете Комсомольская Правда в Украине главный санитарный врач в Умане написала, что евреи прибывают из неблагополучных в плане болезней стран и приносят опасные болезни.  

Tymoshenko, Yushchenko regime pursued a policy glorification and praise leaders Ukrainian organization guilty  in the massacres of Jews occupy rewriting and falsification of history , the same deals specifically with the current head of the SBU Nalyvaychenko , when Yushchenko and he also held the post . Throughout the western Ukraine and in Kiev in their honor the renaming of streets and rename  monuments and memorials . Now they want to continue the same process . New Attorney General appointed representative of the party "Freedom", the deputy head of the National Security Council and National Defense appointed representative of " the right sector " ( more radical Nazi organization ). 

Президент США Б. Обама и Госсекретарь Д. Керри неоднократно призывали бороться с антисемитизмом и чтить память про Холокост. 26 апреля В День Холокоста Б. Обама снова, в очередной раз сказал, что нужно бороться с антисемитизмом и премьер-министр Канады С. Харпер сделал аналогичное заявление, а на самом деле Евросоюз, США и Канада поддерживают антисемитов и нацистов в Украинем и в странах Балтии (в Литве, в Латвии и в Эстонии). Как и 10 лет назад Европа и США совершили переворот в Украине и сейчас снова привели к власти нацистов в Украине. В нынешней правящей коалиции доминируют нацисты для которых убийцы евреев в годы Холокоста и ранее - герои. Европа и Америка не вводят санкции против режимов, где прославляют убийц евреев (Украина, Венгрии, Латвия, Литва, Эстония). Они вводят санкции против тех, кто борются с нацизмом. Они убрали правительство Януковича, при котором не было антисемитских инцидентов и он выступал против антисемитизма и нацизма. Европа и Америка защищали Тимошенко, её партии проводила героизацию убийц евреев, ставили памятники и переименовали улицы Западной Украины и Киева. 

Исполнительный директор AJC Д. Харрис приехал в Киев и прекрасно знает, что во власти находятся нацисты, знает историю антисемитизма в Украине как и директор ADL А. Фоксман. Они не осудили поддержку американского правительства нового режима в Украине. 10 лет назад бывший директор Д. Строскан выделил деньги правительству Ющенко-Тимошенко, а потом поднялась волна антисемитизма в Украине, которая длилась 5 лет. За это Б-г его наказал и он не стал президентом Франции как он хотел.  

After that press went  PR , as if not grow into new anti-Semitism  and it's good for the Jews , although there are Jews , and it is supported by individual Jews as Jews in other countries support the enemies of the Jews . More than a month in various newspapers in English, Hebrew, Russian, French in Israel, Jewish sites news agencies, PR is paid up, that if the new government would be very fond of Jews, as well as other non Ukrainian .Something like that was in Soviet times and in late 2004, early 2005 - Yushchenko loves Jews and the like, just give money and support .As in 70-80 years of the Soviet Union team began to write, distribute newspapers in the assembly that in Ukraine there is no anti-semitism  in Ukraine, not the Nazis. It's all coming up in the Kremlin. In 2005, Yushchenko was given to speak at the general meeting of the Senate and House of Representatives. Dozens of times rose, clapping and shouting "Yushchenko!". Like as the Congress of the CPSU, Leonid Brezhnevu.Takzhe year ago AJC to welcome Carey. In 2005, the Yushchenko-Tymoshenko regime received money and support, and then there was a terrible anti-Semitism. Last time in newspaper reports often mention those who support the bandit-Nazi regime. Rabbi Yaakov Bleich, Joseph Ziselis, Vadim Rabinovich, Alexander Feldman. Rabbi Bleich called Chief Rabbi of Ukraine although he synagogue rabbi at the hem in Kiev and recently resides in New York. All other rabbis Ukraine is Habad rabbis and Bleich any connection they have. Bleich was made on March 5 in New York, a statement that there is no anti-Semitism in Ukraine, and 10 days later stabbed Rabbi Hillel Cohen. Joseph Zisel super thief  stole repatriate Jews from Ukraine to Israel 50 million dollars. In '96 Benjamin Netanyahu paid from the budget of the Israeli payment. Alexander Feldman with Kolomoiskiy financed party Tymoshenko, who spent glorification Ukrainian Nazi murderers. Kolomoysky funded Freedom Party. Vadim Rabinovich to prove, that if-Semitism would not have pushed myself to the presidents of Ukraine, but will not vote for him is more than 100 people. He does public relations for the government, but really pushed himself the leader of the oppositions.
 Michael Dopkin - Jew and ego majority votes pushed Congress Party of Regions. He was an activist in the struggle against fascism and anti-Semitism with the example of Kharkov Genadiya Kernes. He was governor of the Kharkiv region. Кернеса и Допкина хотели посадить, а ген. прокурор представитель нац. партии Свобода оказывали на них давление и Допкин является кандидатом в в президенты и его отпустили, а на Кернеса совершили покушение и его хотели убить. Через месяц на Global Frum AJC приглашен сенатор Маккейн, который активно поддерживает нацистов в Украине и специально приезжал в Киев вместе с представителем ГосДепа В. Нулланд и встречались с лидером партии Свобода Тягнибок. Х. Клинтон будучи ГосСекретарём проводила такую же политику. .Недавно я встречался с рав. КУпером в Симон Визенталь Центр, который прекрасно знает, что происходит в Украине и Прибалтике. Они хотят привлечь к суду нац. преступников, тем кому уже по 90 лет, но они знают, что ни Укрина, ни Прибалтика их не выдают. Европа, США, Канада и Ю. Америка дали им убежища после Второй Мировой Войны и сотрудничали с ними и теперь снова поддерживают их в Прбалтике, в Украин и в Венгрии, помогают и не вводят против них санкции. 

The Israeli embassy in Brussels announce boycott right nationalist party in Belgium. In the past, when in Austria in the coalition was right nationalist party was Minister Haider. Israel recalls ambassador. All of Europe announce a boycott. With Ukraine all the way around all Israeli ambassadors support the nationalists, anti-Semites. Especially the previous ambassador Ben Ami, current Reuven Din El. So they met the leader of "Freedom." After the capture, that he is not an anti-Semite. After the leader of the party "Right sector", also said he was not an anti-Semite. 
Америка, Европа и Канада и разные фонды, вроде фонда Сороса и USAID вложили миллиарды в развитии "демократии и гражданского общеста, свободной и независимой прессы". А всякие NGO и NPO на самом деле спонсировали антисемитских и нацистких организаций, а также сайтов и прессы и финансирование переворотов путчев в 2004 и 2014 году. Американская, израильская и западная пресса неверно поддаёт информациию о происходящем в Украине, дезинформируют и сообщают, что нацизма и антисемитизма нет, и это придумывают в Москве. 
В городе Черновцы десятки лет происходят акты вандализма и ломают памятники и ломают памятники. После подачи жалоб в полицию, они отвечают, что факты не подтверждаются. 
За 22 года никто не был наказан за преступление на нацисткой и антисемитской почве. 
Ни вице-президент США Д. Байден, ни Д. Керри, ни директор AJC Д. Харрис не пошли в Бабий яр, а надо было чтобы они пошли вместе с американскими  журналистами на Зап. Украину во Львов и др. города , где было уничтожено почти миллион евреев вместе со странами Балтии, теперь же там ставят паямтники и мемориалы убийцам и новый имена улицам в том числе и в Киеве. 

On the eve of Holocaust Remembrance Day in Israel want to encourage Jews around the world not to forget the memory of those killed nearly a million hands nationalists Ukrainian Jews murderers who glorify their children and grandchildren . Ukrainian Jews are now in fear of those who called themselves. Democrats and tear to power under the auspices of democracy and freedom actually violate human rights and sow chaos and banditry . Europe, the U.S. and Canada imposed sanctions against Yanukovych want to be judged , demanded the release of all those who create disorder and violence in Kiev and other Ukrainian cities . All of Europe , together with the Ukrainians destroyed six million Jews that while America watched and waited until they opened a second front along with Britain and allowed to freely escape this Nazi criminals responsible for the murder of Jews in Europe and North America.
Now Europe and the United States actively supports anti-Semites  and Nazis in Ukraine , do not condemn similar  in Hungary and the Baltic countries.
Yesterday former governor of Kharkov  was arrested, who was a big activist againts Nazism ,fashism ,anti-semitism and against glorification nationalist  who killed  more than 200,000s of people.

Urge to unite and raise their voice for a ban on financial aid to the current regime in Ukraine from the United States and Canada.

Fichman Baruch

President UKRLAA


Tuesday, June 25, 2013

An Open Letter to Jewish Federations and Organizations.

International Jewish organizations are concerned about the appearance of the parliaments of three European countries - Hungary, Greece and Ukraine, the Nazi, anti-Semitic parties. Previously did not want to notice like in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Romania and Moldova. Thank God there is a reaction! But in Ukraine parliament is not a party such as 3 - "Freedom", "Fatherland" and "Blow." Everyone is talking only about the party "Soboda» - «Freedom». In the two other parties, most - the Nazis, anti-Semites, and support a policy of rehabilitation and geroinizatsii organization leaders conducted mass murder of the Jews of Stepan Bandera, Roman Shukhevych Petliura and other organizations of the OUN-UPA divisions "SS-Galicia", the battalion "Nahnchtal "and others. All three parties co-operate, in spite of the call for the European Parliament.
They are supported by the majority of journalists, N60-NPO, funded by the European Parliament and the U.S., the so-called "free press" and democratic organizations of this kind, who pretend to be Democrats call themselves "pro-European".
The European Union, the European Commission, led by Germany, the U.S. State Department continues to demand the release of Tymoshenko. Who Tymoshenko? Super thief, corrupt - stole billions of dollars the state of Ukraine, its business partner Lazarenko in U.S. custody. Tymoshenko, Yushchenko, Lutsenko with the company organized the "orange" Nazi, fascist, anti-Semitic coup in November-December 2004, Jews began to "terrible times." Tymoshenko, Yushchenko and others have adopted policies glorification and rehabilitation of the organizers and the murderers of Jews, rewriting history. The Nuremberg Tribunal condemned them! The President of the United States many times in the Holocaust Museum in Washington and Jerusalem promised not to forget. German Chancellor Angela Markel at the Museum of the Holocaust, "Yad Vashem" in Jerusalem, the Israeli parliament, the Bundestag had promised. The President of the European Parliament Martin Schulz has promised to Holocaust Day in the European Parliament. Why silent US Senate and Konkress? Why did the State Department, the European Commission, some senators, like Benjamin Cardin protect antisemites leaders of Ukraine? Why are they funded? Necessary to prevent them from entering the United States, Canada, Israel, including the leaders of the parties - Klitschko Yatsenyuk, members of the 3 parties, journalists who support them. Take Control of Radio "Liberty" - Ukrainian service of the "Voice of America", which are in violation of the statute support the anti-semitic parties in Ukraine.
Speaking at the Special Address in Global Forum AJC US Secretary of State John Kerry began his feature fight anti-Semitism, not to forget the Holocaust. He remembered visiting the Holocaust Memorial Museum "Yad Vashem" in Jerusalem.
We hope the new U. S. Special Envoy of monitoring and combat Anti-Semitism Ira Forman lead the fight against anti-Semitism in the world. Continue the work that began Hanna Rosenthal, along with U. S. Special Envoy for Holocaust Issues mr. Douglas Davidson will compete both with Holocaust deniers, as a rewriting of history, glorification and rehabilitation of murderers of Jews in the Baltic countries - Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Ukraine.
Will provide assistance to those who struggle with anti-Semitism and anti-Semites do not, as did the U.S. ambassadors in Kiev and USAID.
Opened a "second front." It began with the release of the Red Army of the Soviet Union, those who do not have time to kill Hitler.
Anti-Semitism was in Europe and to the Holocaust.
Now the European Union, the U.S. State Department supported the anti-seven hundred in Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia. Do not test the anti-anti-Semitism in Ukraine, Hungary and Greece. Do not inject Boycott, Divestment, sanctions against anti-semitic. History repeats itself.
The European Union (European Commission and the leadership of the U.S. State Department) do not give the Jews to build housing on the primordial historical Jewish land - Judea, Samaria, Jerusalem. Exert pressure.
April 29 representatives of the State Department took George C. Marshall Conference Center. Subject: U. S. Global Leadership Against Anti-Semitism an Hate ». Actually U. S. Department of State does not fight, does not help those who are struggling. A support, finances, protect anti-seven hundred.
USAID 20 years of financial support so-called support of civil society independent media, helped political caalitions democratic, non-profit sectors - in fact supports the Ukrainian nationalist anti-Semitic organizations and the media that supports them, the party of the same kind, organizations allegedly follower the fairness of elections, in fact, that support the anti-seven hundred.
Support for democratization, democratic reform - in fact - to set the monuments and memorials of the leaders of the organizations responsible for the mass murder of the Jews, the renaming of streets, etc.
Another "pseudo-history professor (Polish Academy of Sciences) - Holocaust denier, Professor Krzysztof Yasievicha removed from the job management of the Academy.
Then why current and former Polish president defending Tymoshenko, her party pursued a policy of rehabilitation and glorification of the leaders of murders of Jews, rewriting history. Poles destroyed Jewish communities, now the German press, Clinic "Charite", leaders of Germany and Poland actively defend Tymoshenko with the company. We see in fact support this policy. Also, the president of Lithuania actively protects Tymoshenko. Lithuanians destroyed most of the community of Lithuanian Jews.
May 29, 2013 The newspaper The Wall Street Jornal wrote the Foreign Affairs Committee of European Parliament. Marek Seaway acknowledged «Bathivshchina» Party (Fatherland) - liders Yulia Tomoshenko, Arseniy Yatsenuk, Udar Party (Vitaly Klitscko), Party «Svoboda» cooperation growing anti-semitism.
Met Subcommittee of the Committee on Foreign Affairs of the party representatives on issues of anti-Semitism in Ukraine, the Ukrainian parliament opposition bloc.
Half a year ago, Jewish senators voted for the resolution in support of Tymoshenko. Now again, other senators have undertaken to defend. Prepare a new resolution.
In 2005, invited the former Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko on the general meeting of the House of Representatives and the Senate. Ten times got up, there was much applauded and shouted "Yushchenko!". Yushchenko, who awarded the title of Hero of the leaders of the murderers of Jews - Bandera and Shukhevych.
Yushchenko invited twice to Israel. At a meeting of the Knesset, a full house, a representative Dalia Itsyk urged to stop anti-Semitism in Ukraine.
June 16 in the Cherkassy region erected a monument to Ivan shingles. This is the second monument to him in the area. He, along with Zaliznyak, Bohdan Khmelnytsky organized pogroms against the Jews, which killed hundreds of thousands of Jews.
June 14-16 in Lviv was a jazz festival Alfadzhaz. Sponsored by the Russian Jewish oligarch Mikhail Fridman, who came to the Jewish musicians. Notably festival was held in the park Bogdan Khmelnitsky. How many Jews cut the bandits Bohdan Khmelnytsky. We see Michael Friedman, "the inhabitants of Lviv thanks for having voted for the party of" Freedom "for other parties to put up a monument to Stepan Bandera and Roman Shukhevych other murderers of Jews, the new names of the streets in their honor. During the Holocaust, local nationalists killed 200,000 Jews in Lviv. Mer city wanted to demolish the old synagogue to build on their areas.
The Simon Wiesenthal Center is looking for dozens of years, the Nazi criminals, and that the same was judged one of Eichmann, the performance with Demyanyuk (first released his Israeli Supreme Court), followed by a performance in Berlin (he was tried and released to die in a nursing home) and all!
Meanwhile, in the Ukraine in the last 10 years and put erect monuments and memorials, the new names of the streets in their honor, with the money the United States and the European Union.
The European Union (especially Germany, Sweden, Lithuania), U.S. Ambassador John Tefort, the State Department protects those who do - party leader Yulia Tymoshenko, who was doing it hard. They are helped by USAID and Ambassy.
Demand from the Ukrainian government to actively combat anti-Semitism, is strictly punished for incidents ban marches back to the Jews and the real estate property, comply with the law of restitution.

Congress and the U. S. Senate should adopt a joint resolution to appeal to the U.S. President, the Department of State.

Sincerely yours,

The President of the Ukrainian League against Anti-Semitism, 
Baruch Fichman


Monday, April 22, 2013

An Open Letter to Jewish Federations and Organizations.
12.12.2012 The European Parliament adopted a majority vote a resolution on Ukraine. The resolution called for "Ukrainian democratic parties" not to cooperate with fascist nazi, anti-semitic party "Svoboda" (FREEDOM). The resolution states: The European Parliament is concerned about the polarization of nationalism in Ukraine that has found its reflection in support of the party "Freedom" - one of two new parties, which took place in the Ukrainian parliament. Racist anti-Semitic and xenophobic views contrary to the basic values ​​and principles of the EU, so we encourage pro-democracy parties in parliament not to cooperate with this party, do not communicate and do not enter into a coalition with the "Freedom." What is known about the democratic party, the forces involved. Those who are drawn to the European Parliament, posing as Democrats, in fact, the majority of the other two parties are the same opozitsionnyh Nazis (nazi anti-semitic) opposition partys. In from before from the "Freedom" they do not openly express their beliefs: nazi and fascist, anti-semitic ideology, radical, ethnic and religions discrimination. For financial and political support (support), say they are pro-European and Democrats. Although democracy is not "smell". They maintained, supported and conducted the audit process and the rewriting of history, glorification, rehabilitation ukrainian nazi, collaboration organizations, leaders this organizations OUN UPA-STEPAN BANDERA, Shukhevych, Petliura and Droege guilty of killing hundreds of thousands of Jews. The European Parliament, in its resolution before it is condemned. Most of the European Parliament did not support the resolution of 12.12.2012, the, which suggests that there is a large amount of anti-Simit, that is no secret. The leader of a so-called Democratic Party, Yatsenyuk not considered it necessary to pay attention to the resolution. In opozitsionnyh parties no Democrats, no democracy. On the same day the parliament elected representative of the party "Freedom" Deputy Speaker. Other European institutions and organizations have not noticed, did not pay attention to how it was before with Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Romania and Hungary.

In Ukraine, January 1, 2013 through the central streets of Kiev held a torchlight procession nazi party "Svoboda" - 3000. Shouted xenophobic, Nazi, anti-Semitic slogans.
In honor of the birthday of Stepan Bandera - the leader of the Nazi ukrainskiyh (nazi), the leader of the Nazi organization OUN-UPA - killed hundreds of thousands of Jews in western Ukraine (former Poland). 2 times a year to carry out such a scab. Marches were held in other cities.
Neither the leaders of the European Union, nor gosdeportament U.S. ambassadors in Europe, the United States did not condemn, nor condemn such marches in Riga (Latvia), the other Baltic states. They like to defend the anti-Semites of all stripes - Tymoshenko, Lutsenko - their associates Palestinians. Kurds - do not protect. Palestine, Kosovo pressed. Transnistria, Abkhazia, South Ossetia, Kurdistan, Tibet - no.
Do not condemn the resurgence of fascism, anti-Semitism in Hungary, Greece. In Germany even earlier held similar marches nazi - Nazis Hitler's birthday, they are guarded by the police. Now in Ukraine on the birthday of Bandera. As well they guarded by police.

At the World Day of the Holocaust January 27, 2013 in the European Parliament and the German Bundestag held events with the participation of the President of the European Parliament Martin Schulz Kanulera Hermann Merkel, have put a "tick". in fact all of Europe: the Ukrainians, Romanians, Poles, Moldavians, golandtsy, belgiyy, French, Italians, Lithuanians, Latvians, Estonians, or themselves or in conjunction with the Germans, helping them destroyed 6 man. Jews. Who supports and rehabilitates those who glorify the killer of Jews, rewrite history and protects them. They do not want to recognize the "Hezbodu" terrorist organization. Well, of course - they are against the Jews. Judea and Samaria - "had occupied territory", and Abkhazia and South Ossetia - Georgia. And why did not want to recognize Transnistria? A Kurdistan and Northern Ireland and Overseas France and Russia also "double, triple standards."
Global anti-Semitism throughout the history of the Jewish people.
[In the U.S. State Department temporary]
In Department of state 27.01.2013 interim special Envoy, to monitor and Combat Anti-semitic Mike Kozak held a ceremony in the small room where there were few people. We see the Holocaust is irrelevant and of no interest to the State Department.
In 2011, the Ukrainian government has allocated a plot of land for the construction of Babi Yar Holocaust museum of Ukrainian Jews. Foundation stone laid. Order of already built.
Anti-Semites in a hurry to erect monuments and memorials Ukrainian Nazi murderers of Jews, rename streets, argue prizes and scholarships for students.

Vandalism of Jewish cemeteries (including in Chernivtsi annually the past 25 years llomayut monuments), vandalism at places memoriallov Holocaust police are not involved. No one is punished. Me 3 years ago, was attacked on the eve of Passover, was nearly killed, beaten. In Kiev a year ago attacked the yeshiva student on the night of Passover. No one is punished. Generally in Ukraine since 1991 no one has been punished for anti-Semitic actions. As police and communists do not qualify antisemitstskimi actions, in contrast to Russia.
Attacks and vandalism by monuments and memrialnye board leaders of the organization of the OUN and UPA SS Division "Galicia" Stepan Bandera and Roman Shukhevych investigating the governor of Lviv region Schemchuk, appointed at the beginning of March 2013, is concerned.

15.03.2013 once again supported the Ukrainian Nazi anti-Semitic friend of theirs Zissels Joseph, who is accustomed to act on behalf of Jews in Ukraine (many are fond of doing), Joseph Zissels - super thief, a small Madof. In 1992, at the Congress of Jewish organizations of the former Soviet Union in Odessa was the first scandal Zissels with friends stole the money. In 1993-94 the second row - Zissels stole the money that was given to the American Jew Chernivtsi Jewish cemetery. In 1995-96, the third row Zissels stole tens-million dollars from immigrants from the Ukraine. Animated cartoon, Netanyahu has paid compensation to the victims of Israel's budget - $ 50 million. 70% of the amount Zissels urged not to hold a forum in Kiev Jewish Agency. Bud would in the Ukraine there are political prisoners.
Zissels once headed the Zionist Federation of Ukraine. He said that he was in jail for Zionism. Why did not repatrurirovalsya in Israel? By the way more than 20 years, he bl brokered financing of a Jewish school in Chernivtsi first otreformistov,, conservative, and now the World ORT.
Correct head of the European Agency Natan Sharansky was not fooled provakatsii.
All the ambassadors of the United States since 2004 and has supported the Israeli anti-Semites Since former Israeli Ambassador Naomi Ben-Ami has actively supported Yushchenko current Reuven Din El meets with Tyagnibok, after it said that it's not an anti-Semite. Met with his zametitelem Miroshnichenko, congratulated him on his birthday.

Deaconu Tefft predydeschie and U.S. ambassadors to 2004, actively supported the anti-Semites. Why do these messengers are sent?
"Fridlm House" in vlave David Kramer defends anti-Semites. Do not give money, "Freedom House" - "Freedom House".
Necessary to impose sanctions against the anti-Semites and those that support them, those who glorify murderers of Jews, rewrites history. 5 Ukrainian TV Kunal actively support them - to impose sanctions against industrial group Poroshenko his master, who, though a Jew by the mother, supports them. He owns the company "Roshen" produces chocolates.
U.S. President Barack Obama during a visit to the Holocaust Museum "Yad Vashem" in Jerusalem promised to do everything for the Holocaust of 6 million Jews, to fight against anti-Semitism. It is still not appointed Special Envoy to Monitor and Combat Anti-Semitism in State Departmens USA.
All the ambassadors of the United States from 2004 to actively support the Ukrainian anti-Semites do not see anti-Semitism in Ukraine. Former Ambassadors continue to do this is from America. We are waiting for the new ambassador. Hopefully swap priorities soon after President Barack Obama made an important statement on the fight against anti-Semitism and the Holocaust in mezee Holocaust Memorial in Jerusalem.
Like deystvuyut and Israeli ambassadors. Former Ambassador Naomi Ben-Ami has actively supported Yushchenko. Then he got a new high appointment in the office for relations with the Jews of the former Soviet Union. The current Ambassador Reuven Din El met Tyagnibok after said he not anti-Semitic. Met with another batch of "Freedom" Miroshnichenko. Congratulated him on his birthday.
Why send these messengers?

Jews everywhere at all times cooperate and collaborate with the enemy, with the anti-Semites. Thank God broke through the blockade NFORMATION - information about the true situation of anti-Semitism broke with my help, and other honest and decent Jews. So what now. 9 in the Israeli Russian-language TV channel in the primer-time evening program, the actual leader Eugene 20:00 Owl. Repeatedly in recent months appears psevdozhurnalist Shimon Briman (wine for very good money from antisemistov) "proves" that in Ukraine and in particular in Lviv Nett atisemistov. And that those whom the world calls antisemistami - nice, nice people, and why they offend the Jews, that is "slander." The same happened to the Russian state radio "River - Kol Yisrael". Did the journalist UWI Silber. Cynicism is no limit. In Ukraine itself, other Jews - Savik Shuster. TV Channel - TV empire Vladimer Gusinsky.
Shimon Briman - American magazine correspondent in Russian "Forum".

In telestrudiyu Ukrainian edition of "Voice of America", funded by the U.S. Congress, to be aired in Ukraine invites representatives of the Nazi anti-Semitic party "Freedom" by representatives of other Nazi, anti-semistskih forces - called themselves "democratic" among the leading defectors - theirs supporters, Radio, Internet site "Freedom," "Air Force" of their support, they vydayutsya visa to the United States, their support USAID, the U.S. Embassy, ​​government, embassies of European countries, the EU leadership, the State Department, the United States, "Freedom House", the National Democratic Institute (NDI), International Republican Institute , the Soros Foundation and Droege American and European funds, personally Ambassador John Tefort. Support the so-called "independent democratic press" - the media, NGO-NPO, in fact anti-Semitic nationalist.
U.S. Ambassador John Tefft, employees gosdeportamenta United States, the leaders of Germany, the European Union, others defend the thief Tymoshenko and Luchenko - party leaders, who, together with the party Yushchenko conducting trials of rehabilitation-geroinizatsii organization leaders guilty of mass murder of hundreds of thousands of Jews, monuments and memorials to them, renaming of streets in the western Ukraine and in Kiev, now these processes continue, led by the party, "Freedom".

On the eve of Passover in the monuments of Sholem Aleichem and the other in the center of Kiev scribbled anti-Semitic leaflets in different locations of anti-Semitic graffiti on the walls of houses.

09.04.2013 press officer of the Department of State held briefing, o than reported on the website. Daily Press Briefing.
Above reported on the visit Zhen Carey Holocaust Memorial Museum Yad Vashem and the laying of wreaths in the ceremony - Wreath Laying at Yad Yashem. On the same page, it is reported that the United States welcomes the release Lutsenko - a large anti-Semite, who, along with a puppy organized and conducted neo-nazi march in Kiev as Minister of Internal Affairs, led the protection of participants marches. The European Union, led by Germany sought his release. It is also reported that the U.S. vmmeste with EU will seek the release of Tymoshenko. Tymoshenko's anti-Semitic leader of the party, which pursued a policy geroinizatsii and rehabilitation of Ukrainian leaders nazi, responsible for the killing of hundreds of thousands of Jews. On the eve of President Barack Obama has once again made a statement on the day of the Holocaust - Yom Shoah. Why did the State Department, the U.S. ambassador in Kiev John Tefort not pursue a policy of secretary of state Jen Carey and President of USA Barac Obama on anti-Semitism and the Holocaust of the Jews?
Lutsenko, as Minister of the Interior, - the head of the police, did not cross-Semitic intsienty, vandalism, etc., are not investigated, did not notice, but only pooschrali. Too, and Tymoshenko.

At the time, both the European Union and the U.S. budget deficit, the financial problems in Ukraine continue to fund the so-called "democratic parties" NGO-NPO, the so-called "independent" press - the media so-called civil society. In fact, with the money of American and European tax payers fund the nationalist, anti-Semitic parties and organizations, the press, which supports them. Including their fund assets, including Adenauer Foundation, the Soros Foundation.
It is necessary that the International Monetary Fund has provided financial assistance to Ukraine in exchange for the fight against anti-Semitism is strictly punish anti-Semitic acts of vandalism of Jewish cemeteries and places of the Holocaust, Nazi ban marches and marches in honor of the murderers of Jews. The State Department and USAID to allocate money for the protection of human rights, what kind of person? They defend Nazis - like the leaders of the Nazi party Tymoshenko and Lutsenko.
The Simon Wiesenthal Center has made Ukraine to the list of countries that do not want to pursue the Nazi criminals - murderers of Jews. And what are silent when the EU leadership, Germany, the European Parliament, the Council of Europe, the U.S. State Department to protect Tymoshenko and Lutsenko - party leaders, who together with the party Yushchenko began a process of active rehabilitation, the glorification of the Nazi leaders of Ukrainian organizations responsible for the mass murder of Jews. Now, this policy continues to party "Freedom".

It is essential that the House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate passed a joint resolution against antisemizma in Ukraine, the glorification of the policy, rehabilitation of Ukrainians, Romanians - the killer of Jews during the 2nd World War worlol DDO and after it, to rewrite history. Prohibit the provision of financial and political assistance to NGO (NPO), political parties, the so-called independent media supported by this policy. A ban on entry into the United States. Also, the radio "Liberty" and "Voice of America" that violate statutory functions should stop supporting this policy, removed from there antisemistov. This refers to the Ukrainian service. The State Department also must actively fight and help fight anti-Semitism, to cease support for the so-called democrats, USAID.
To President Barack Obama appointed a new special envoy to monitor and combat Anti-Semitism.

Sincerely yours,

The President of the Ukrainian League against Anti-Semitism, 
Baruch Fichman


Friday, November 30, 2012

Open letter to the General Assembly of the Jewish Federations of North America.
Recently, an acute problem of global anti-Semitism around the world. Particularly in Ukraine where historically for centuries, after the pogroms in Odessa began the birth of Zionism Zev Jabotinsky, Jewish immigration to the United States and Israel Ereu.
October 30, 2012 in Dnepropetrovsk was 7 Congress of Jewish Communities of Ukraine. Representatives of all the regional communities and Jewish organizations were thrilled at the passage of the recent parliamentary elections, ultranationalist party "Freedom» - [the ultranationalist "Svoboda" Party, or Freedom Party made unprecedented gain `s in Ukraine` s parliamentary elections]. Together with the other two parties, the "orange" opposition, who claim to be democracy, nationalism - Semitic block. All of them performed and support the policy making heroes accomplices German Nazis kolaragordinistov - the murderer of hundreds of thousands of Jews - the organizations of the OUN-UPA, Stepan Bandera, Roman Shukhevych Simon Petlyura and others. In Western Ukraine and Kiev renamed streets, erect monuments in Lviv entered Prize Shukhevych and Bandera, rewrote history.
On the eve of the elections in a number of cities in Jewish cemeteries was committed vandalism, broken, many monuments, including the city of Chernivtsi, for decades break monuments. In Chernivtsi region distributed anti-Semitic leaflets. For 21 years in Ukraine no one was punished for crimes motivated by anti-Semitism, in contrast to Russia.
Antisemitic (Nationalist) Party NGO (NPO) organization, the press received financial and political support from the EU, European and American fronts, the U.S. State Department, USAID, the National Democratic Institute, the International Republican Institute. [NDI, IRI] Soros Foundation and etc. They are supported by the radio "Freedom", the Voice of America, TV - "Voice of America". There they are registered in the recipients, the "Democrats", an "independent press", etc. U.S. Ambassador John Tefft in the U.S. presidential election in the U.S. Embassy invited to the reception. They act in TV-studio "Voice of America", is broadcast to the Ukraine. U.S. Ambassador John Tefft visited with EU ambassadors former Interior Minister Lutsenko antisemite in prison. He did not visit the hospital beaten a young Jew in Kiev Passover police anyone in 21 years not to punish, broken monuments in Jewish cemeteries, vandalism in Lviv 2 years ago tried to destroy the known historical synagogue in the Jewish quarter of the "Golden Rose", as Tom Gross of "The Guardian" prevented! Now in the morning Zoe another synagogue, where the Jewish community of Lviv, close to build retail and office center. All Europe cares Semites Tymoshenko and Lutsenko. The whole of Europe has destroyed 6 million Jews, along with Germany. Of the U.S. State Department and Ambassador Tefft, "Freedom House" protects the anti-Semites. In Romania, Italy, France, Croatia, Israel, the regime tried Yushchenko-Tymoshenko, former ministers - not political repression. In the latest report of the U.S. State Department's Global Anti-Semitism in the world for 2011, prepared by the Hannah Rosenthal - special envoy combat anti-semitim, on the basis of my work, great attention is given to Ukraine.
We ask the Jewish Federation and the United States, Canada, Britain, France urge leaders and parliaments to react.

Sincerely yours,

The President of the Ukrainian League against Anti-Semitism, 
Baruch Fichman


Sunday, September 30, 2012


Open Letter
Ukrainian League Against Anti-Semitism to US Senators.

During the celebration of the Jewish New Year Jews of Ukraine received the bad news from Washington. U.S. Senate after Seneyskim Foreign Affairs Committee endorsed the anti-Semites.

8 years ago, with the financial and political support of the U.S. and the EU had made a revolution in Ukraine - the Nazis took power - anti-Semites under Yushchenko - Tymoshenko. The process of rehabilitation and glorification of Ukrainian Nazis collaboration, accomplices Hitler's Germany - organizations OUN-UPA, SS Division "Galicia" - began to establish this "Heroes of the SS" monuments, rename streets to Stepan Bandera, Roman Shukhevych and others to falsify, to rewrite history. Held annually in the city center march of veterans and young Nazi groups. Like many years held in Riga, Latvia - Marches veterans vaffen "SS." They were guarded by the police, led by former Minister Lutsenko.
All of these 5 years in many cities there were anti-Semitic vandalism in cemeteries, monuments of destruction, desecration, attacks on the rabbis and students of Jewish schools, burning schools, desecration of synagogues. 2 years ago in Uman, where every year for the celebration of the Jewish New Year come about 27,000 Jews from around the world, was killed a young Jew 2 months before the wedding.
Now Europe, which, together with Nazi Germany killed 6 million Jews, defend Tymoshenko, Lutsenko. As in Hungary, after democratic elections brought to power a Nazi anti-Semitic party. In Germany, the court banned circumcision.
In April, on the night of the celebration of Passover in Kiev at the output of the synagogue, in the street Nazis attacked the yeshiva student, was beaten. He was first in intensive care hospital in Kiev and later in Tel Aviv. Neither the U.S. Ambassador - John Tefft, nor Assistant Deputy Secretary of State Thomas Melia, nor EU diplomats have not visited it. And everyone goes to Tymoshenko. Khodorkovsky has already forgotten about.
Tymoshenko - not a political prisoner, her business partner - former Prime - Lazarenko, many years sitting in an American prison.
8 years ago, when the government seized the Yushchenko and Tymoshenko, 15 thousand people were fired from their jobs just for the fact that they were party activists Yanukovych. Without cause criminal cases, imprisoned, including the current Deputy Prime Minister Boris Kolesnikov for 6 months. Most of the media and journalists opposed to President Yanukovych. USAID, The U.S. State Department, the European Union are funding NPO(NGO), so-called independent media - which support the Nazis. In Europe, the answer began to shout that gagging democracy, that is a dictatorship, etc. 3 times a week on the air in prime time in the evening for a talk show opposition slings mud Yanukovych and say there is no freedom of speech, newspapers print what they want. Yushchenko has closed the program on the Jewish state channel for criticizing anti-Semitism. When over Kiev and other cities, private university distributed anti-Semitic literature in Yushchenko - Timoshenko - was freedom of speech. For the first time in Uman was celebrating the Jewish New Year without incident or problems.
Ukrainian Nazis - Anti-Semites who call themselves Democrats or national-democrats want to take revenge - to return to power. We can not allow this. Support should be given to Viktor Yanukovych.

Sincerely yours,

The President of the Ukrainian League against Anti-Semitism, 
Baruch Fichman